Comprehensive Service Offer at AUTO MTechnic: Expertise and Precision for Your Vehicle

Inspections and Periodic Maintenance

At AUTO MTechnic, we understand the importance of regular vehicle servicing. Our services include comprehensive inspections and periodic maintenance, from oil and filter changes to checking fluid levels and conducting a general vehicle inspection. Our goal is to ensure that your car operates efficiently and safely on the roads.


Computer Diagnostics

Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, we can quickly and accurately identify any issues with the engine, electrical system, and other components. Our computer diagnostics ensure precision and efficiency.

Mechanical Repairs

Our team of specialists handles a wide range of mechanical repairs. From brakes, suspension, steering system to the engine – we ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is professionally handled.


Exhaust System Repairs

We service and repair exhaust systems, including catalytic converters and mufflers, ensuring optimal performance and compliance with emission standards.

Air Conditioning Service

We offer comprehensive service for air conditioning and heating systems, including refrigerant recharging and leak testing, to ensure driving comfort regardless of weather conditions.


Electrical System Service

Electrical repairs, including alternators, starters, batteries, and lighting systems, are carried out with the utmost care to ensure the optimal performance of your vehicle’s electronics.

Modifications and Upgrades

We customize vehicles to meet the individual needs of customers, offering engine tuning, suspension modifications, and exhaust system upgrades.


Tire Replacement and Wheel Balancing

Our services include tire replacement, puncture repair, wheel balancing, and alignment checks, which are crucial for safety and driving comfort.

Brake System Service

We inspect and replace brake pads and discs, as well as repair the ABS system and other brake components, ensuring maximum safety.


Warranty and Post-Warranty Service

We carry out repairs covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as offering post-warranty service.

Technical Support and Advisory

Our experts provide comprehensive advice and technical support, assisting customers in maintaining their vehicles in optimal condition.


We welcome you to AUTO MTechnic, where your BMW and other vehicles will receive top-quality service and care, in line with the latest automotive industry standards.